Best Moisturizer- Crisco Shortening Review

0 Best Moisturizer  Crisco Shortening ReviewThanks for watching my review on the Crisco Vegetable Shortening used as a moisturizer.


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I only started using the Crisco again the past two weeks because my skin has been acting up in a rather itchy state. It’s the biggest contributor right now that’s calming it when I wake up in the morning.

Some background to the Crisco Shortening from makeupalley, apparently you can use the shortening for diaper rash, Helen Gurley Brown (former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine) was advised by her plastic surgeon to put Crisco on her face to speed healing and keep skin dewy and elastic.

My application:
Spot Treatment: After cleansing my face and applying my moisturizer, I apply the shortening on the areas that are most irritated and dry.

Facial Moisturizer: After cleansing my face and patting it dry, I wet my hands and grab less than 5c coin, rub between my hands and apply this all over my face.

Note: On application it does feel rather thick and that’s why I would only use this as a night cream and not as a day cream or under my makeup as a moisturizer.

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  1. (sorry, the comment …
    (sorry, the comment section only allows a little bit.)
    My thought on this is that this shortening is pure fat, is is 100% lipid, so is what you are feeling merely the coating of thick lipids on the skin? When you wake up in the morning with your skin feeling soft, does water still bead off your skin? Because if this is the case I am thinking maybe it’s not so moisturizing after all, but is just coating your skin in saturated fat…

  2. but about the …
    but about the product. i was unsure about this, because I’ve tried it and it makes the skin feel really soft and moist, but i found myself wondering, is it just the shortening i am feeling or does it actually have moisturizing properties that are absorbed into the skin, you know? Like the idea of putting water on something will make it feel wet, but will that wetness be transferred into a property of the object or, without the water, is it just dry?

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  9. good moisturizer, …
    good moisturizer, but I highly recommend anyone with acne-prone skin to use a non-greasy, no cream-base, moisturizer. Oily product would only clog up your skin pores and cause further acne breakouts. I’m currently using DermaCosmec’s skincare products which includes the non-greasy moisturizing gel with botanical antioxidants. It’s moisturizes the skin amazingly and it’s non-greasy!

  10. weird!

  11. I also hate that …
    I also hate that smell, so that i put lit. bit of crisco in a little bottle and add some drops of essential oil at ur preference (i use lavender) and it feels so good… Try it.

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